8th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Jung Woo Suh

8th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Jung Woo Suh

JTC Taekwondo was founded by Grand Master Jung Woo Suh in 1983.  Internationally certified black belt students and world champions have trained there for over 33 years. Many hundreds of dedicated black belts speak to the rich history and undisputed reputation of JTC Taekwondo, the most authentic martial art school in the San Jose area.

Grand Master J W Suh is a world champion fighter and a famous Grand Master recognized by the Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Federation, the International Taekwondo Federation, and the American Taekwondo Association. All Dan (black belt) degrees from JTC Taekwondo are certified by the WTF, and are recognized in more than 200 countries around the world. Taekwondo is a "martial art sport". It uniquely combines the competitive nature of sport and the ancient Korean fighting arts that date back several thousand years. Today, training in this modern form of martial art offers excellent conditioning of the mind and body for students of any age, background or history. Training at JTC Taekwondo will improve mental outlook, physical health, and contribute to living a better life.

At JTC Taekwondo, each student is given a physical and mental training program individually designed to fit his or her character and needs. This unique approach and concept of private attention differentiates JTC Taekwondo from all other training systems.

Grand Master Suh's 50 plus years of experience and many personally trained expert instructors allow you and/or your children to reach beyond what is otherwise possible.


JTC Taekwondo currently attracts active students ranging in age from three to seventy three. State-of-the-art self-defense techniques, world-class fitness instruction and innovative teaching methods are applied to all students. Instructors at JTC Taekwondo also have extensive experience teaching and assisting children with learning difficulties.