Our Instructors

All of JTC's instructors bring years of experience and dedication to the craft and science of Taekwondo in order to provide a world-class learning experience to our students.  We have a breadth of expertise and knowledge upon which our students can base their own studies as they journey deeper into the world of the martial arts.

Do Kyung Kim-Headshot.JPG

Ms. Do Kyung Kim, Program Director and Chief Master Instructor

Ms. Kim holds a WTF Fourth Dan black belt. She is responsible for the development of the JTC business management system. Her smile is known to virtually every student, as well as the many family members who look to her for advice and assistance.

Mr. Edward Adamian, Assistant Grand Master

Mr. Adamian was 42 years old when he began his training. After thirty years with Grand Master Suh he is now a Fifth Dan black belt and continues to train each week with his two sons. He holds a degree in Mathematics from California State University, Hayward, and is also an experienced chef.

Marcus Adamian.JPG

Mr. Marcus Adamian, Master Instructor

Mr. Adamian began studying Taekwondo at JTC at the age of 3. With over 28 years of experience, he has sustained great passion for the art of Taekwondo. He currently holds the rank of Fifth Dan black belt. Mr. Adamian enjoys teaching classes at JTC, and trains weekly with his father and younger brother. He is currently the CEO of Adamian Development Companies, LLC.

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Dr. Samuel BallonMaster Instructor

 Dr. Ballon holds a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.D. degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He began training at JTC in his 50's to improve his flexibility and is currently a WTF Fifth Dan black belt. Dr. Ballon is a Clinical Professor at Stanford University and has published two medical texts and over 100 research papers. He has written many articles for JTC Times. He is fortunate to have visited Korea on numerous occasions to enjoy the cultural and culinary experiences provided by Grand Master Suh.

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MR. Aaron Braunstein, INSTRUCTOR

WTF 3rd degree black belt

Mr. Braunstein began his training at JTC in 1995 before taking time to focus on his career and building his family.  As he is also a member of the JTC family, he returned recently and has continued his studies as both a student and an instructor.

MR. DAVID. COONEY, Instructor

  WTF 4th Dan black belt

Mr. Cooney began his training at JTC at the age of 4 and has been a strong leader both as a student and as an instructor from the day he started. also, he won the silver medal from Sparring divisions of Chuncheon Korea Open (International Taekwondo championships 2015).

MS. VIDHESHA VAID, Assist Instructor

  WTF 3th Dan black belt

Student of the University of Texas at Dallas.