Program Descriptions

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Children - Ages 3 to 5                                                                                  

This program for extremely young children originated at JTC. At this age, children are extremely active and curious. Here they engage in simple, fun and high-energy activities while training in traditional Taekwondo. They begin to build self-control, respect, and discipline; and develop coordination, agility, balance and flexibility. Cooperation, leadership, and social skills are emphasized. Classes are available 2 to 3 times each week.

Youth - ages 6 to 9 

Classes are designed to satisfy the strong desire for encouragement, achievement and knowledge common to this age group. Students improve muscular strength and athleticism, and learn more advanced Taekwondo and self-defense techniques. Teamwork and leadership are further encourage together with discipline and self-control.
Students participate in Olympic-style Taekwondo activities.

Pre-Teens - Ages 9 to 12  

Students in this age group experience more rapid mental and physical growth.  They begin to establish a positive identity and develop a sense of responsibility and dedication to specific goals. More advanced physical and mental training in Taekwondo techniques are emphasized. Safe, but challenging competition builds both self-confidence and leadership. Class attendance is unlimited.

Teens / Adults - Ages 13 and above            

Classes are designed for teens and adults who have developed a serious interest in martial arts. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle designed to minimize stress are encouraged. Physical and mental fitness are identified as the keys to inner peace. Weight management is achieved with Cardio TKD which can effectively burn up to 300 calories per class. Olympic-style, full contact sparring, as well as modern and ancient self-defense techniques are taught. Unlimited opportunity exists for adults to train together with their older children.                         


BLACK BELT CLUB - Ages 5 and above

A black belt earned at JTC Taekwondo is recognized in over than 200 countries, and is certified by the Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters. 
Membership in the JTC Black Belt Club signifies the highest commitment and dedication to excellence in Taekwondo. An exclusive, accelerated leadership curriculum is provided, t0gether with tuition savings of over 30 percent. Members receive an additional JTC Black Belt Club uniform (dobuk) and patches. Advanced weapons training, self-defense and mixed-martial arts techniques are taught. Unlimited access is granted to the facility and classes. Four private classes each month are offered by invitation only.