Schedule for April

1.     Color belt Testing

This Friday (April.07) is the color belt testing day.   We have no regularly scheduled classes Friday and Saturday. Those of you who are testing, please be sure to arrive at your testing time 15 to 30 minutes early to stretch out and warm up. Return your testing form and coins before the testing day.  

2.   Assistant instructors Class

We will be having our monthly junior instructor class from 9:30am to 10am on Saturday (April.15).  The class is open to all senior brown belts and black belts and will focus on building strong leadership skills for use in the classroom and in the real world.  The class is just 30 minutes, but all students will be expected to stick around for the 10am to 10:45am class that immediately follows it. 






Black Belt Testing

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to begin by congratulating all our candidates for all the hard work they've put in leading up to their test this Saturday (April.01).  It's been a long road coming but the big day is finally here.

The test itself will begin at 12:30pm sharp.  If you're late, you fail, no exceptions.  Show up early to stretch and warm up on your own because when the physical portion of the test begins we'll jumping right into it.  The test is scheduled to run until 4pm.  Please make sure your family is here to lend you moral support and to be present when you receive your belt.

Black belt certificates from the Spring 2016 Testing will be handed out at 4:10pm.  Make sure your parents are present so that you may present your certificate to them and read your letter of appreciation.  Please show up early.  If you are not in the studio by the time we begin the ceremony, you will not be able to receive your certificate until the next black belt testing.


Schedule -  12:30pm : Written test
                   01:00pm : Physical test starts

                   04:00pm -:Belt Ceremony & Certificate Ceremony

Black Belt Certification Ceremony

This is to inform all black belts who took their exam in the fall of 2016 (and who didn't get the certification yet) that the ceremony to receive their Kukkiwon certificates will be held this Saturday, April 1st at 4:00pm. Please show up in uniform with your parents to receive your certificate.

See you then!

Scheduling announcement

 For March, we have a couple of announcements:

1.     Color belt Testing day

This month color belt testing will be scheduled on;

   Mar. 10th, 2017 (Friday) – Testing Day

   Mar. 11st, 2017 (Saturday) – Closed for Instructor’s Work Day


2.    Black Testing & Preparation

2017 Black Belt preparation & Testing will be scheduled on;

   Preparation   ---   Mar. 04th(Sat) ,07th(Tue), 09th(Thu), 14th(Tue), 16th(Thu), 18th(Sat)

   Black Belt Testing--- April. 1st(Sat) 1:00pm - 4:00pm