June Announcement

Hello, JTC Family.

1.     For June, color belt testing is on Friday June. 08  we have no regular class on Friday nor Saturday.   Those who are testing, please be sure to arrive at your test 30 minutes (1st group) to 10 minutes (2nd group) early to stretch out and warm up. Please return your testing formand coins before the testing day. 

2.     JTC Taekwondo will be closed for Independence Day week between July.02(Mon) and July. 07(Sat). there will be no tuition-credit for that week, but students are welcome to take extra classes before or after the break to make up the time missed.

During the summer break  we would like to encourage for all students to come the 3:00pm class. This class is normally small so it would be better to come to this class for more practice.

         Monday / Wednesday   @ 3:00pm    all ages (White - Blue)