Announcements for July

Hello all, here are some announcements for this month.

1. This Friday (July.14), we have our monthly color belt testing. I hope that your children are hard at work practicing and memorizing to do well for this month's test. The following day after, (July.15)Saturday, we do not have class because it is Instructor work day.

2. The tryouts for the upcoming tournament will be formally on the 21st of this month. Although the instructors have been saying it is the 20th, we have moved it to the day after for better timing. The tryouts will begin at 4pm and will approximately end at about 4:45 (depending on the amount of children). Those who do not make it to the tryouts are not put into the team. If there are conflicting events, please talk to Mrs. Kim.

A. The children will be showing the form that they will be doing for the tournament.

B. Parents are going to have to pay for the coach's fee on the day of the tryouts(7/21)

C. If your child/ren miss a practice without telling Mrs. Kim beforehand to the absense, they are kicked off the team. This is because we want to have your child/ren to work hard and also get as much advice from the instructors.