October Announcement

1.     Closed for Columbus Day – Oct. 09, Monday

 2.     Color belt Testing – Oct. 13, Friday

We have no regular class Friday and Saturday. Children eligible for testing will have their names listed on the entry door to the studio. All children on the list must receive their 3 tapes from an instructor before they will be allowed to test and also get your testing application from Mrs.Kim.   Please, make sure that you wear regular uniform for testing.

3.     2017 2nd Black belt Testing - Oct.14, Saturday

I'd like to begin by congratulating all our candidates for all the hard work they've put in leading up to their test this Saturday.  It's been a long road coming but the big day is finally here.  The test itself will begin at 10:00am sharp.  If you're late, you fail, no exceptions.  Show up early (9:30am) to stretch and warm up on your own, the test is scheduled to run until 1:00pm.  Please make sure your family is here to lend you moral support and to be present when you receive your belt.

4.     Silicon Valley Open Tournament is on Oct. 21, Saturday           There will not be any regular classes on that day. We will also be closed because our Instructors will be busy cheering and coaching the students!

 5.     Halloween Party!!                                                                               2017 JTC Halloween party coming up October 27th (Friday), from 4pm to 6pm.  We plan to start the night off with some fun games, have a costume contest with prizes, serve food, and end the night by giving out a bunch of Toys and candy!   Space is limited (Only 70 tickets available), however, so we will be selling tickets to the party.  Tickets will be $10 per person.  Tickets do need to be purchased ahead of time (the deadline is October 20th) so please see Mrs. Kim to ensure you get yours today.   I've posted a signup list on the wall, so please leave your name on the list if you'd like to receive a ticket.